Bioactive Nutrition from the Hydrolyzed Enzymatic Extract of Rice Bran for Lactating Mothers and Their Breastfed Infants

An Abstract by Authors: G.E. Sanchez, G.H. Sullivan, and L.R. Miller  Infant nutrition during the first 3-6 months after birth is critically important to the child’s physical, cognitive, and physiological development because the infant’s digestive system is still developing and sensitive to formulated nutrition. During this period, the natural composition of breastmilk is most important…

Lactating Mothers and Breastfed Infants: Meeting Their Dietary Needs with Bioactive Sustainable Nutrition for Health and Wellness

Scientifically documented and FDA-DSHEA-compliant nutraceutical nutrition has proven to be the solution for mitigating the negative impacts of infant chronic malnutrition. NutraLac® is an all-natural clinically documented and patent-protected plant-based extract from the bran and germ layers of rice, characterized by high bioavailability in the human digestive system. NutraLac® has been shown to significantly mitigate, and in most cases fully remediate, the negative physical and cognitive effects of chronic malnutrition in infants through early intervention when breastfed by lactating mothers who consumed the NutraLac® formulation during the exclusive breastfeeding period.