An Abstract by Authors: G.E. Sanchez, G.H. Sullivan, and L.R. Miller 

Infant nutrition during the first 3-6 months after birth is critically important to the child’s physical, cognitive, and physiological development because the infant’s digestive system is still developing and sensitive to formulated nutrition. During this period, the natural composition of breastmilk is most important to the child’s overall health and well-being.

With the objective of enhancing the breastmilk of lactating mothers during this critical period, Sustainable Nutrition International teamed with Nutraceutical Technologies International to achieve an all-natural formulation with nutraceutical values for consumption by lactating mothers with the objective of increasing the health and well-being of their breastfeeding infants.

While the nutritional composition of the bran layer of rice has received global attention as a nutraceutical food source with pharmacological values, the human digestive system is unable to readily metabolize these nutritionally potent phytonutrients because they require further processing to achieve the bioavailability for absorption and efficacy in the human body. The underlying technology to achieve this bioavailability in NutraLac® is our patented enzymatic hydrolyzation process that cleaves complex proteins into simple proteins, complex fats into antioxidants and efficacious phytonutrients, and complex carbohydrates into highly digestible polysaccharides for enhancing the breastmilk of lactating mothers for the benefit of their breastfed infants.


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Impact of an Extract from the Bran Layer of Rice of the Nutrition of Lactating Mothers and Growth of Their Exclusively Breastfed Infants’: A longitudinal Study published in Functional Foods in Health and Disease 2022