Sustainable Nutrition International

Sustainable Nutrition International offers a wholly new way to address global chronic malnutrition. With the proper support and implementation, we can break the cycle of nutritional stunting, lost productivity, poverty, and dependence on food welfare in countries throughout the world.

Currently, we are seeking partnerships with private, corporate and foundation donors to achieve sustainable long-term food security in nutrient deficit countries worldwide starting in North America and Latin America. Our partnership programs include (1) Community based nutritional sponsorships for infants, and (2) Development of local NutraIso production facilities to help achieve indigenous supply and local economic development.

This private sector/community based, shared-value model through participating SNI partnerships with regional governments, private sector rice milling operations and/or nutrition companies provides the platform for sustainable food security and socio-economic development at the local level where the cost-benefit impact is greatest.

Why is this a unique and important program to support? Because we currently have the patented technology and a proprietary formulation to change the performance paradigm in nutrition and wellness. We are moving toward more sustainable food security programs without the burden of food welfare programs that only solve the problem of nutritional deficits on a day-to-day basis.

We have already initiated the programs to achieve this paradigm change. We hope you see the long-term benefits to our food security strategy and are ready to join us.  To get started, contact us today.