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NutraLac®: Managing Chronic Health Conditions Naturally

While rice bran is a byproduct of the rice milling process and often relegated to animal feed, it is potentially one of the most powerfully nutritious foods in the world. Until recently, its full nutritional power has been locked away from human use.

Because rice bran turns rancid rapidly, it is typically unavailable for human consumption. Even when stabilized, the human digestive system cannot properly process its nutrients.

The principals of Sustainable Nutrition International collaborated with Intermark Partners Strategic Management in pioneering proprietary technology that successfully extracts the nutraceutical (phytonutrients and pharmacological isolates) from rice bran to create NutraLac®, a bioactive rice bran derivative with significantly enhanced antioxidant, carbohydrate, protein, and micronutrient levels. Essentially, NutraLac® technology elevates the bran derivative of rice to its highest form of bioavailability for the human digestive tract. In other words, NutraLac® is no longer rice bran but a derivative of rice bran that enables the body to digest and absorb its maximum nutritional value.

SNI is using NutraLac® in pilot public/private partnerships in Central America as part of its chronic malnutrition remediation program. Further clinical studies are currently underway.

The NutraLac® formulation for pregnant and lactating mothers addresses chronic malnutrition during the critical physiological and cognitive development phases before it can do irreversible damage. Properly administered through early intervention, NutraLac® has been shown to remediate the potential damage caused by chronic malnutrition in infants.

On the individual level, Sustainable Nutrition International remediates chronic malnutrition in at-risk children and pregnant mothers. Our larger goal is to transfer NutraLac® technology throughout the world, providing communities now suffering from the debilitating effects of chronic malnutrition with truly transformative public health and socioeconomic benefits.