Glenn H. Sullivan, PhD

Glenn H. Sullivan, PhD, founder of Sustainable Nutrition International, is a globally respected agricultural and food science expert known for his significant achievements in research and development in the functional foods and agribusiness sectors, including ten years of experience managing U.S. Department of State development programs in Latin America. His specialties include: functional food characteristics, nutraceutical technologies, bioactive ingredient formulation, business development and strategy market planning.


Glenn H. Sullivan – Purdue University

During his 35 years on the research faculty at Purdue University Food Science Institute, Dr. Sullivan addressed domestic and international issues related to food science and technology. Adjunct to his university career, Dr. Sullivan has served in a strategic planning and business development capacity for over thirty food industry companies worldwide and holds 5 patents for food processing technologies and their utilization.

Dr. Sullivan is also the founder of Intermark Partners Strategic Management, Nutraceutical Technologies International, and Quintessence Nutraceuticals. Awarded several patents from the USPTO, including the first U.S. patent for an all-natural nutraceutical to reduce insulin resistance in pre-diabetic and early stage Type 2 diabetic individuals. Subsequently awarded the ‘Patent for Humanity’ from the USPTO/U.S. Department of Commerce for remediating chronic malnutrition in lactating mothers and their breastfed infants. Dr. Sullivan can be reached at