Carlos David Rivera was born in a condition of chronic malnutrition. After learning about Sustainable Nutrition International, Carlos’ mother reached out to the Guatemala-based team.Dr. Glenn H. Sullivan PhD

She was placed on daily regime of NutraLac®, to strengthen her body and deliver critical nutrients needed to produce breast milk.

NutraLac® a true nutraceutical ingredient that has been scientifically documented to reduce the health risks associated with chronic health conditions in nutrient-deficient populations.  NutraLac® provides over 70 antioxidants, up to 37% bioavailable protein, and 27.9% fat inclusive of Omegas 3 and 6 to nourish and strengthen her body.

The results were dramatic. Carlos’ mother’s body began building enough breastmilk to sufficiently feed her child. Not only was she benefitting from the enhanced nutritional profile of NutraLac®, so was Carlos. He grew. He did not simply survive, he thrived. Today Carlos David is a high-energy, healthy young boy, who will be able to care for himself and actively participate in his community as he gets older.

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