The Solution

A Global Problem – A Sustainable Solution

In recent decades, billions of dollars have been spent to feed hungry children throughout the world. While these efforts have saved lives, they haven’t addressed the root cause of chronic malnutrition.  In fact, recent evidence has shown traditional food security strategies that depend on supplies from major food exporting regions to be less effective due to shrinking surpluses and depleted treasuries.

What is needed is a new paradigm—a truly sustainable solution that doesn’t simply stave off starvation, but helps children overcome the crippling effects of malnutrition to live full, productive lives. This is what Sustainable Nutrition International does.

Sustainable Nutrition International addresses chronic malnutrition at its root cause.  At the heart of our program is NutraIso®, a proprietary, bioactive nutraceutical derivative of rice bran that has been proven in ‘field clinical trials’ to reverse the effects of chronic malnutrition in children.

Because rice bran is readily available in nearly every country affected by chronic malnutrition, the opportunity exists for the establishment of NutraIso® production facilities in regions where chronic malnutrition is most pervasive, allowing for the modification of native raw rice bran supplies to attack chronic health conditions on a local level in an economically sustainable manner.

In remediating chronic malnutrition, Sustainable Nutrition will help afflicted populations reverse the problems associated with it: socioeconomic decline, the perpetuation of the poverty cycle, and ever-increasing healthcare costs.