Success Story: Darlin Norena Vasquez

Darlin Norena Vasquez is from the Guatemalan village of El Calvario. Born on January 21, 2013, she was detected as suffering from “Severe Acute Malnutrition” (SAM) on March 2013. Her case was severe, but fortunately, she was young enough to be treated. Darlin weighed in at 2.1 kg (4 lb 10 ounces) when she first arrived at the clinic. In addition to extremely low weight, a severe mouth irritation was preventing her from feeding properly. She was also affected by a severe rash, eruptions and skin peeling–all symptoms of severe micronutrient deficiencies. She was taken immediately by ambulance to the hospital of Jutiapa, where stayed under intensive care for 14 days, after which she returned home. Her mother started taking Nutra-Iso® on March 19 2013, a few days before Darlin came from the hospital. The recipient of very little formula during that time, Darin’s subsequent recovery can be attributed to Nutra-Iso®.  Now, 5 months later, she is a healthy 6 and 1/2 month old baby. Her mother said to Dr. Guillermo Sanchez, Vice President of Sustainable Nutrition Intenational, “When I brought her in back in March, I thought she was going to die”. On the contrary, Darin is doing better than ever, with malnutrition and the various health concerns that accompany it now safely behind her.

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