The history of Sustainable Nutrition International.

craneal perimeter measurement-village of Ixcanal-Comapa-July 2013 (2)Sustainable Nutrition International has been a collaborator with Intermark Partners Strategic Management in the development and implementation of a pioneering new technology for extracting the bioactive phytonutrients from rice bran. The product of this technology,  Nutra-Iso™, is being used to address the nutritional needs of lactating mothers and their breast-fed infants in populations where chronic malnutrition is prevalent.

Founders Dr. Glenn Sullivan and Dr. Larry Miller recently received the National Patents For Humanity Award from the United States Department of Commerce Patent and Trademark Office for the Nutra-Iso™ technology. It has the potential to make the nutritional value of the world’s 40 million tons of rice bran by-product available for human nutrition annually, thereby playing a leading role in significantly reducing chronic malnutrition worldwide.

Today, Sustainable Nutrition International is using Nutra-Iso™ to bring sustainable nutrition programs to chronically malnourished populations in North America and Latin America. The first programs have been launched in Central America, where the needs and opportunities are currently the greatest. The results of these programs to date have been dramatic. Early intervention with the Nutra-Iso™ bioactive nutritional formulations have significantly reduced malnutrition in lactating mothers and their infants, and subsequently increased the physical, cognitive and overall health of the infants after only 135 days of breast feeding.

Achieving chronic malnutrition remediation at this early stage helps assure that each child has the opportunity for normal development. In 2014-15 and beyond, our goal is to bring our sustainable solution to chronic malnutrition to at-risk populations where rice production is prevalent.